How can TraderDirect help you? Simple, by allowing you to keep professional-looking price lists and product information in front of all your customers so you can be on the phone with them when they're ready to buy. Here are the key benefits to becoming a TraderDirect user:

Generate incremental sales.
TraderDirect allows you to quickly and easily offer your products to a broader customer base than you can through the telephone alone. Our customers consistently report improved call-to-sale ratios.

Diversify your customer base.
TraderDirect provides salespeople a easy, efficient way to keep information in front of the customers that they don't call on a regular basis. In doing so, they gain valuable feedback that guides them into their next sales call.

Reduce phone tag.
With TraderDirect, you are notified the minute your customer has decided to view more of your information. This allows you to place timely phone calls since you know when they are at their desk and available.

Send information through established channels.
Some of your customers prefer e-mails, some prefer faxes, and some prefer conversation. TraderDirect will send information using the customers preferred method allowing you to spend your phone time more effectively.

Reduce the number of incoming calls that donít lead to sales.
Most salespeople spend the majority of the day on the phone talking to customers. Our users report an increase in the number and quality of the calls a salesperson makes once they begin using TraderDirect.

Lower your transportation costs.
TraderDirect allows you to streamline the process of offering loads to truckers and negotiating rates. Dispatchers routinely save hundreds of dollars on every load they offer via TraderDirect.

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