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TraderDirect was founded with the core objective of providing high-quality tools to assist sellers and buyers of commodity products. Our philosophy is to assist our users in the way they do their jobs, while not changing how they do their jobs. Every component of our software has been developed to specifically improve how users communicate with their trading partners, with much of the software developed directly from input from our target customer base. Against this objective, we continue to invest over half our company’s resources in further customizing and streamlining our product. We are 100% committed to assuring we have satisfied and committed customers.

TraderDirect, LLC was formally created in August 2001 but its software was originally developed in 1999. We are privately funded with no venture capital. We currently have over 30 customers, with a committed user base of over 100 users. Those customers are using TraderDirect to communicate with over 10,000 of their trading partners. Our customers range from publicly and privately held Fortune 500 sized firms to small independent companies.

TraderDirect's primary market focus has been on the forest products and seafood industries, but our software can support any business that deals with dynamically priced commodity products such as: produce, steel, grains, coffee, nursery stock, seeds, etc. Our software is extremely flexible can be used in a wide variety of ways to facilitate how you communicate with your trading partners.

The basic function of our software is to facilitate communication between producers and wholesalers of commodity products and their trading partners. This is done in a way that complements the current sales process and does not alter how sales personnel negotiate and finalize sales. Our customers have seen increased sales, improved margins, reduced transportation costs, and obtained positive feedback from their customers as a result of using TraderDirect.

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